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ShieldThe HuntBi Mastermind, Communities of Excellence, is a group of professionals just like you who are ready to start measuring and tracking their own improvement as security and technology leaders. I am passionate about helping IT and physical security and cybersecurity leaders to become better versions of themselves, and help them to turn their operations into a well-oiled machine, always audit-ready.

Communities of Excellence is new. It is envisioned to fuse IT and security with performance excellence in the field. I am proud to be spearheading the advancement of the Communities to make more resilient leaders and more resilient organizations.

Learning within the Communities of Excellence is continuous, in small or large doses, as you like. The learning is almost entirely online and asynchronous. Meaning, growth happens at everyone’s own pace, while still being part of an active and interactive community of peers. Here’s how it works.

Grow skills continually with instruction and guidance of esteemed faculty including luminary CSOs, Executive Coaches, Life Strategy Coaches, Professors of Management, and more. Every month there is more content available to the community members, and every day that they log in, they collaborate and share ideas freely with the community.

The large community is broken into smaller Birds of a Feather groups. For example, there’s one for young leaders, called Innovators. There’s another one for mid-career professionals, called Diplomats, turning experience into statesmanship. (If you are my age and want to turn your next decade into your best decade, you can up your game in this group.) And one for up-and-coming CIOs called Maze Runners. Make your own. We can have these groups for every industry or niche. No limit.

Is this feeling good? Do you see how leadership training merged with security management best practices could benefit yourself and your team?

A Community of Excellence is kind of like an ISAC, an Information Sharing and Analysis Center… but for leadership. Instead of the FS-ISAC, or the HealthCare-ISAC, this is the Leadership-and-Employee-Engagement-ISAC.

Have you ever sent valuable employees – our have you yourself attended — a five-day seminar somewhere where everyone drinks through a firehose and retains little if anything once they return to the backlog of work on their desk. No, you already know that real learning and real improvement come from consistency, absorbing bits at a time, and practicing what you learn with feedback from mentors and peers.

Therefore, I urge you to join me today in the Communities of Excellence, and start a process of continuous learning and continuous improvement of every aspect of your security and IT operations with the help of experienced mentors and your peers.

Ask us how to join!

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